Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the collie is the right breed for me?

The Collie is a large, intelligent herding dog. He adores being in the company of his people & should be integral part of their lives, not just a living garden ornament.  He is clean indoors  & learns quickly when gentle, patient training methods are used. The Collie (Rough) requires a fair amount of grooming & both rough & smooths require periodic exercise in the form of walking, fetching or playing. After you have evaluated your lifestyle & schedule & made sure you have the time & ability to commit to the lifelong care of a new dog, it is time to meet some collies.

Attend several dog shows (Both all breed & collie speciality) & talk with different breeders.  Interact with the dogs themselves & see if you find them appealing.  If so, seek out 1 or 2 breeders & ask for an appointment to visit their kennels.  Most breeders are willing to shcedule such "tours" & allow you to view their dogs in their own surroundings.  Don't be afraid to ask questions & don't be afraid to change your mind. It is a lot easier to decide not to get a collie before you've taken one homwe, than afterward.

Are Collies good with children?

Absolutely! Collies are children go together like peas & carrots.  They are a great combination; collies are instinctively watchful over their charges & naturally gentle.

Are the OK with cats & other animals?

Yes, however young pups must be taught to respect other animal members of the family & the introductions need to be gradual & supervised.  This socialisation process is simple as collies learn quickly & are not aggressive.

Are Collies indoor or outdoor dogs?

Both, Collies want to be with their people! They can tolerate reasonable outdoor temperature ranges, provided they have adequate shelter & water.  They do not thrive when banished outdoors without companionship. They are easy to live with indoors, & generally are very clean & have little "doggy" odor * most are not destructive.

How much grooming does the Rough Collie require?

This depends on several factors, including the amount of coat the collie carries, the texture of the coat, time of year, & the environment the collie lives in.  A collie that carries a lot of coat (such as a large male) might require a good hour or so brushing at least every fortnight.  The correct collie coat with good texture is very brushable. It doesn't tangle or mat as readily as some silky coat tyrpes such as those of a cocker spaniel or spoodle.  A collie who is shedding his coat ( usually spring into summer) can require 30 minutes of bruching every 3 -4 days for about 3 weeks. A collie who has access to dry grass or weeds shouwl be brushed every day for a few minutes as if left they will tend to cause knots.

Will I be able to groom the collie myself?

Most likely, of course, the smooth is easiest as he requires only a few minutes of grooming wiht a slicker or comb. The Rough collie coat is not as intimidating as it looks. It is quite manageable & nearly all collies enjoy being brushed as long as the routine is extablished as a puppy. Investing in a folding grooming table to raise the dog up to a comfortable level is wise. A bath every 4-6  weeks is sufficient & if done more frequently it is not harmful.

Do males or females make better pets?

They both make equalling good pets.  There is little difference in temperament between the sexes.  The choice is a matter of personal preference. I have had both males & females, in horses, cats & dogs & I have found the males easier to live with in all species.

How much exercise does my colle need?

Collies love to be with you, & they are also just happy to be near you.  A 30 minute walk each day is adequate, or a game of fetch.  But if you don't get out everyday as long as you are with them, they are happy.

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